Foster Application

SECTION 1 : Your Information

E-mail Address:
First Name:
Last Name:
Address (Line 1):
Address (Line 2):
City State
Home Phone:
Work or Cell Phone:

SECTION 2 : Your Household

  Name Age Relationship

Who will be primarily responsible for the care of your dachshund?

Is everyone in the residence and family agreeable to fostering a dachshund?
Does everyone in the residence understand that a foster dachshund must be treated as a part of the entire family and will need the love, patience and guidance of every member of the family?
Does anyone in the residence have animal allergies?
Does anyone in the residence have asthma?

If you have children and/or frequent visitors to your home, please answer the following questions:

Are you aware purebred dachshunds are not the best choice for families with very young children?
Have your children had exposure to owning and caring for family pets such as dogs or cats?
Have your children had exposure to owning and caring for dachshunds in particular?
If "no", will you teach your children to love and care for your dachshund in a humane manner?
In the event your dachshund becomes agitated by or frightened of loud children or visitors to your home, do you have the ability to separate your pet from children or visitors to avoid problems? (i.e. gated or separate rooms, fenced outdoor areas, etc.)
If "yes", how?

SECTION 3 : Your Home

Type of residence:
Do you own or rent?

If renting, be advised you must provide written documentation to DARE from your landlord confirming you are authorized to house and maintain pets on the property (i.e. letter from landlord, pet addendum, or proof of pet deposits).

Landlord´s Name:
Address (Line 1):
Address (Line 2):
City State
Contact Phone:
Do you have a yard?
What is the approximate size of your yard?

Is your yard completely fenced?/strong>
What type and how tall is your fence?

If you do not have a fenced yard, are you willing to fence it, or install a dog run, or leash walk at all times?
Do you feel it acceptable to let your dog roam freely outside the house?
Are there stairs in your residence?
Are you aware that dachshunds are prone to back strain and injuries and should not be allowed to climb stairs?
Are you familiar with the unique personality of the dachshund breed?
Are you aware that purebred dachshunds are susceptible to weight gain and/or house training problems?
Have you ever housetrained a dog before?
If "yes", how did you housetrain?

Where will the dog be kept during the day?

Where will the dog sleep?

Where and how will the dog be exercised?

How many hours a day will the dog be at home alone?

SECTION 4 : Your Fostering Preferences

Please indicate your desired preferences to assist us in our search for a compatible foster dog for your household by checking all applicable boxes.


Dachshund Mix
No Preference


No Preference


Under 1 year *
1-3 years
4-7 years
8 years and up
No Preference
* rarely available.


Mini (12 lbs. and under)
Tweenie (13 - 24 lbs.)
Standard (25 lbs. & over)
No Preference


Smooth Hair
Long Hair
Wire Hair
No Preference


Are you willing to foster a dachshund that...

... is not reliable with children?
... is physically handicapped?
... has been abused?
... requires ongoing medication other than heartworm preventative?
... requires continued house training?
... requires obedience training?


Dachshunds vary greatly in temperament, personality, and activity level.
What characteristics, if any, would you find undesirable in a dachshund?

Bonded Pairs

We occasionally receive pairs of dogs who may or may not be siblings but who nonetheless have bonded and need to remain together.

Would you consider fostering such a bonded pair, if available?
SECTION 5 : Your Pet History
Do you currently own any pets?

If "yes", please list species / breed, gender, whether the pet is neutered or spayed, if the pet is kept primarily inside or outside and how many years you have owned this pet. (See example below)

#) Pet Name Species / Breed Gender Fixed? Age (years) Kept In/Out? Years Owned?
0) Oscar Dog / Dachshund Male Yes 10 Inside 5
Are your pets current on vaccinations/shots?
Are your pets current on heartworm preventative?
If "yes", what kind/brand/form of heartworm preventative?
How often do you test for heartworms?
How would your characterize your pets (dominant, submissive, playful, etc.)?

Will your pets accept a new dog?

If you have previously owned pets, what happened to those no longer living with you?

Have you ever bred dogs or cats?
Are you currently breeding your dogs/cats to have puppies/ kittens?

SECTION 6 : Your Veterinarian

Landlord´s Name:
Address (Line 1):
Address (Line 2):
City State
Contact Phone:

SECTION 7 : Your References

Please provide 3 references (2 are permissible if a veterinarian reference was listed above). Please list the person´s name, contact information (e-mail, telephone number, or address), how long they´ve known you, and relationship to you (sister, brother, friend, employer, co-worker, neighbor, etc.).

#) Name Contact Information Time Known Relationship
0) Jane Doe, (999)-555-1212,
12 Main Ln., Acity, FL
10 Years Family Friend


  1. I understand that Dachshund Adoption Rescue and Education, Inc. (DARE) is a regional volunteer non-profit organization devoted to rescuing dachshunds and dachshund mixes in need. Because of my intention to aid DARE in its charitable pursuits, I agree to hold DARE, and/or representatives thereof, free and harmless from any loss, damages, injury or death or any person, animal or property caused by the DARE dachshund(s) in my custody.
  2. I am aware that the DARE dachshund(s) may have undetected illnesses. Further I realize DARE is responsible only for he medical care of the DARE dog(s) and that I, alone, am responsible for any actions taken by the DARE dog(s), once placed in my custody and under my care.
  3. I understand that the veterinarian, DARE, or representatives thereof, take no responsibility as to the character nor disposition of the DARE dog(s) placed in my custody.
  4. I will contact my DARE representative immediately should the DARE foster dog(s) become lost, stolen, seriously ill, die and/or bite in an aggressive manner. "Contact" shall mean verbal communication between me and my DARE representative and/or a board member thereof, either by telephone or in person.
  5. The foster dog shall wear an ID tag at all times.
  6. I understand that should I decide to permanently adopt a DARE foster dog in my care, I will pay DARE the adoption fee, posted on the website at the time of my request, to help defray the costs of spaying/neutering, immunizations, heartworm treatment or testing, and any other medical expenses incurred by DARE.

SECTION 9 : Certification

By signature below, I certify that I am at least 21 years of age and assume full responsibilty for the care and well-being of any dog that I provide foster care to on behalf of DARE. Any misrepresentation of the true facts in this foster home application will invalidate my foster home agreement with DARE and will give DARE te right ot immediately reclaim any and all DARE foster dogs in my care.

If filing electronically, your typed name followed by your email address (eg: John Doe, entered below will constitute your "electronic submission signature".


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