DARE’S Intake Procedures

It is the policy of Dachshund Adoption Rescue and Education (DARE) that ALL intake requests (both owner surrender & from a shelter) come through our email address: info@daretorescue.com. We strongly encourage you to include as much information (medical or otherwise) as possible, pictures and any history available when submitting a dog for acceptance into our foster system.

Email communication is the only way to properly handle intake requests, as they will be managed by our intake coordinator and be put before the intake committee for decision.  Our intake coordinator is aware of all available foster space and what dogs we have already committed ourselves to. Anyone that contacts us about taking a dog into our foster care system will be contacted; with either a decline, owner surrender paperwork or be provided with a written (email) authorization and the name of the DARE representative to accept the animal on DARE’s behalf.

Only the current board as listed here on the DARE website OR our intake coordinator can authorize DARE to accept a dog into our foster program. 

The current Board of Directors as listed on the DARE website

Members and Volunteers of DARE are allowed to take possession of a new foster once the authorization has been given from the board or Intake Coordinator in writing (email).

Please be advised that this notification serves two very specific parts.

  1. To make you aware of our policy and how to contact us regarding taking a dog (info@daretorescue.com)
  2. To inform you that DARE, will not under any circumstances take responsibility (legal, financial, medical or otherwise) of a dog without the proper written (emailed) authorization from a member of the current DARE board as listed on the website).

We can not stress this enough – if it is not written (emailed) by a current Board Member or our Intake Coordinator it is not authorized by DARE, regardless if the person accepting the dog is or has been associated with DARE in whatever capacity they claim to have.


We ask that you update your distribution lists with our info@daretorescue.com email address and delete specific contacts for dog notifications. As you are aware governing Board’s may change from year to year but the organization email will not. This is the most efficient way to get your available dog(s) in front of the right people and the ONLY way to secure a spot for them in our foster care system.

CLICK HERE to download our intake requirements.

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