Rainbow Bridge Tributes

For a $5.00 donation you can have a memorial with a photo here for your special pet who is waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge. Any pet can have a memorial- even cats are welcome! Don’t forget birds, reptiles, ferrets, fish and other special pets. Horses, donkey’s, ponies, even wild animals that were in your care are welcome too.



We adopted Bree from DARE just over 5 years ago. Ginger was her name, we called her Bree. She was a special addition to our family, devoted and loving. She was accepted into our pack and was loved by everyone. She left far too soon at age 13. She will remembered forever. We miss you my precious little Bree. Sara Habis


Here’s a picture of my angel Stogey I adopted from you many moons ago. He passed away from cancer last June, but he will be forever in my heart. Thank you for saving my boy. Dena Kelly


While Princess was with us just a short 6 months she made a big impact on our life and has left a hole in our hearts… She was a smart dog who, at her age, learned to use the doggy door to complete her house training, the ramp to go up and down from the deck to the ground; while being blind and deaf she could find her food, water and me anywhere in the house coming to sit at my feet and lean against me or daddy knowing she was safe and loved… I could walk into a room and within 2 minutes her head would raise and her nose would find me even when the others ignored me… When she came to live with us she resisted being with the other dogs but soon loved being with them… It was only recently she allowed belly rubs and those only from me; she began to love snuggling with daddy; and would rub her face against mine and just gave me my first doggy kiss just a week ago… I love to watch her running in the yard with her little ears flying. Every morning I would see her little face searching for me, her little tail to wag and she would place her little paw on my foot to let me know “Look, I’m here. Pick me up.” Every morning I would pick her up and carry her to the kitchen to fix her breakfast and meds, then out the door for potty, and back to the big bed for more sleepy time. She is a shining example that senior dogs, even those with a disability, can be taught and become a wonderful part of the family… We thought we would have longer. Daddy seemed to know something was wrong before I did… The other doxies sensed it as well. Lili would whine and rub against her and Onnie very seldom left her side lately. These were all signs something was wrong but you know hindsight is 20/20. I believe she is with our beloved Hansel, both able to see and run free. I will miss my bed mate for TV or reading time… In time I will heal and we may add another to our family, but none can take the place of Princess. She gave us a piece of her heart and she took a piece of my heart with her when she left us 1 February 2014. Charles & Edna Crouch


Chad, you came to me as a foster for DARE, covered in ticks, ear mites, bad breath and needing a dental. You shook like a leaf when I tried to hold you and almost took my hand off when I touched your food bowl when you were eating. I adopted you and what a difference 6 years made. You became the sweetest most loving dog and at the end even slept in the big bed with me and Cinnamon. I learned that you loved to be dressed up! Who knew? Your story made it into a rescue book of stories where you live on. Run free now at the Rainbow bridge until I come for you with your buddy Cinnamon.


Heidi came to us at just 8 weeks old. With feet too big for her body and rolls of fat on her little legs. What a beautiful Doxie she grew to be. She was an awesome girl, always welcoming her new adoptive sisters. She was always happy, loved everyone. I held her as she started her journey on October 26, 2010 at 14 years old. Much too soon but we were so very blessed to have had her in our lives. You will be forever loved and forever missed. Miss you always. Love, Mom, Dad, SweetPea, Peanut and Ruby 10/8/96 – 10/26/10
12/1993 – 9/2009


J. R. #1 – 1/1/1988 to 2/2/2011 Dear J. R., On 28 Nov 1998 at the age of 10+ years you trotted into my life and snorted for service. You were very much the loner who was as sweet as a sour pickle and prickly as a pear. You would briefly tolerate a very minimum of the huggy, kissy crap but you were infinitely entertaining and truly inventive as you were able to flip me off in spite of the fact you didn’t have a middle finger. You were #1 with me and a major part of my life for 12+ years until at the age of 23 your tired little body gave out and it was time to say good-bye. I miss you so very much my “ornery little man” and the words “ornery little man” are said with MUCH love! 12/1993 – 9/2009


Gingy, my little rhet dog. I miss you so much.. Its been so long already but the hurt just doesn’t go away. I’m so sorry it has taken me to say something, but nothing seems to say how much I miss you. Coming home to see you kept me going for so long. I don’t know what to do without you. From the time you were a baby pup until you were an old dog you were the most special thing in my life. There isn’t enough I can say to let everyone else know how special you are. 12/1993 – 9/2009


Sadly, on December 11, 2009 we lost our precious blue eyed Dachshund Elizabeth. We adopted her at 9 months of age and gave her the best home we could, filled with toys, rawhides, food and most importantly love. Elizabeth had many medical issues in her 13 years. Some minor, some major. And she handled everything like a trooper. Even these last 2 years of getting 2 insulin shots a day. The pain of losing her is immense and the tears over the last week are many. But it was a privilege to have her in our lives and having the chance to love her, and be loved by her, is worth every tear shed. RIP Elizabeth Ann 8/20/96 – 12/11/09 We love you! Mom, Dad, Heidi, SweetPea & Peanut.


Our beautiful little dachshund boy Chopper passed away in March. We had a memorial marker made for him and it is displayed in our garden. This provides our family with solace and is a constant reminder of our love for him. When Chopper was 3, we bred him with a friend’s dachshund and we kept one of his pups, Cinnamon. Although Cinnamon has been lonely since the death of her beloved companion she provides us with comfort and a part of him lives on through his daughter. We miss Chopper very much and look forward to the day we will be reunited at the Rainbow Bridge . Mom, Dad, Stefanie, and Cinnamon love you Chopper and you will be in our hearts forever..


My first foster, Mac, passed away April 29, 2009. Mac love to play with balls and was a precious little guy. His forever mom discovered soon after he was adopted that he had cataracts but that never stopped him from loving those “round things”. He’s gone over the bridge to play eternally. God speed little Mac. Love, Ann And from his forever mom, Carrie and her family in Orlando who adopted Mac on June 19, 2005. I am sorry to say Mac passed away unexpectedly on Wednesday, the 29th of April. We were blessed to have him part of our family, he is dearly missed. He was a very happy dog playing with his balls and squeaky toys! Thanks to DARE for introducing us!


Pookie, our German Shepard/Chow mix, was adopted from the Humane Society in Albany, Ga. in December, 1995. She was a smart, loyal and loving addition to my family. Pookie could adjust to any set of circumstances we were going through at the time. Whether Mom was going to school, working or just playing in the yard with Pook. About 3 years ago Mom adopted Frodo from Dare to Rescue. Cheri in Tampa found just the right Dachshund for the family. Pookie and Frodo were inseparable. They will always be best friends forever. On December 23, 2008 at about 10:00 am Mom and (daughter) Laurie stayed with Pookie while she went through the transition to the Heavenly Meadows. We thanked Pookie for all the wonderful years we had together with her. Our hearts were broken, but Pookie was over 13 years and in constant pain from arthritis and aging. Frodo was despondent for more than 3 days. On the 4th day Mom took Frodo to the puppy playground and Frodo has been more like his old self. Mom and Frodo look forward to the day when we will be together again as a family reunited with our girl, Pookie. 11/1995 – 12/2008


We lost our precious Charlie (female) on October 7, 2008. Charlie was a rescue dog, though not from DARE. We enjoyed her companionship for about five years. Charlie was the best doxie you could ask for; always willing to please and cuddle. When we first got her, she was very skittish and would hide under whatever obstacle she could find. This lead us to believe that she was abused. She found her forever home with us and provided much needed solace when Duke, our doxie of 15 years died. Charlie spent every night she could in my daughter’s bed. When my daughter spent the night away, Charlie would go insane and lick everything in sight. She made herself sick and I spent many a night up with Charlie, getting her through the night until my daughter returned home the next day. They were inseparable and there will never be another doxie that could ever possibly replace her. Her absence around the house was so unbearable it wasn’t but days before I opened our house to Toby, our new Dare Rescue dog.


About 7 years ago, we adopted Scrappy from DARE. He was about 4-5 years old, no one was sure. Well, he went to Rainbow Bridge Thanksgiving week, and let me tell you, I can’t stop crying. His foster mother, whom we met in Port St Lucy, to pick up Scrappy, said he was probably the sweetest of all the doxies she cared for. She was right. Scrappy, you had your share of problems, you coped well with going blind and healed from back surgery. You would still run with our other doxie, Stretch, even though you couldn’t see! But finally you developed some sort of intestinal bleeding that proved to be your downfall. The vet tried everything-but we made the hard decision to let you go to Heaven. Everyone including Stretch was there when you gave me a big lick on the nose, as if to say, I am ready, I love you, and thank you so much for a great life. Then it was over. Thank you Scrappy for all the good years.


Mimi, forever foster who touched our hearts. Sadly the condition on Mimi’s teeth continued to deteriorate, and because her jaw could only be opened a quarter of an inch, we could not remove her rotten teeth or do anything to prevent the infection, even antibiotics were not enough. The infection had spread and was causing abscesses and her quality of life was gone, so we let her go the the Rainbow Bridge today (11/7) in the arms of her foster mom, who loved and adored her. Run free until your Foster Mom comes to take you over the Bridge.


Taffy Taffy, forever foster who touched our hearts. Run free until your Foster Mom comes to take you over the Bridge.


Bentley was the perfect addition to the family. He was exactly what we were all looking for. He was 8 years old and had a cute snaggle tooth. In his life before DARE his teeth weren’t cared for at all. He had also been debarked so his bark sounded funny. His fur wasn’t in the best condition and he had a few ticks. He was also heartworm positive. To us, Bentley was the most beautiful and perfect dog ever. When he first came home with me he was very scared and wouldn’t even lift his tail but my other two Doxies welcomed him with open arms. He returned the favor the first night he saw his human grandpa, by climbing up the backyard fence and jumping right into his arms! We’d never seen a Doxie climb a fence before, but Bentley was no ordinary dog. My daughter and her friends adored him, he was their “favorite” they said. Bentley loved sleeping on the couch and did a cute dance when it was time to eat. He had the most sweet spirit, and followed me everywhere. Two weeks after I got him, I found him in his crate, gone to The Rainbow Bridge. Gone way too soon. Bentley, words cannot describe how much you touched all of us in your own special way. We are so thankful we got to be with you during your last two weeks on earth. We love and miss you and we’ll see you again. Run free Bentley, heartworm free! 3/25/00 – 8/15/08


My best friend Baxter. 19 years old. Having you was the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. You were my gentle, understanding friend whom I loved and you showed me you loved me too. I’d wake up in the morning and see you looking up waiting for me quietly. You’d run to me when I’d open my arms wide and I didn’t have to say a word. You’d also get other’s off my lap so you could fall asleep there when I’d be watching TV. You never complained. I miss you terribly and am looking forward to holding you again with the knowledge that I’ll never have to say goodbye ever again. Sweet puppy dreams my best friend. Greet Frisky, Andy and Chester for me. Let them know I still miss them. June 18, 1989 – August 12, 2008


Andy. You left me too soon but you were such a trooper. I remember you became my protector and in spite of your handicap, would bark ferociously at anyone that came near me.The day you wagged your tail I did backflips.You always stayed by me whenever I was outside in the yard. To tell you the truth, adopting a “down dog”, scared me but I have no regrets. I know your back legs are sound now and you’re running like a puppy. I still think about you and that last kiss you gave me.You never did that before so you must’ve known that we were saying goodbye. Wait for me my boy. I will come get you at the rainbow bridge and we’ll be a family again. Lots of love. Dad.


My grumpy Chester. The first day we met you tried to bite me. I guess we were both scared. I got your weight down and you got a spring in your step. I remember how you’d roll over on your back so I could scratch your tummy. I’m glad I have pictures of that to look back on. I still remember the exact location where you pottied, ( you learned that fast ). I know that you’re not suffering anymore. Never the less I miss you and wish you could’ve stayed with me a little longer. I look up at the stars at night and think that one of them is you and another is Andy and now Baxter. I framed our Christmas picture and keep it out all year. Wait for me. I’ll see you again and there’ll be no more tearful goodbyes. I love you, Dad

Little Man

Little Man-you brought so much joy to our lives. Thank you for being with us for the short time you had. Run free at the Bridge with a healthy heart. You will be in our hearts forever.


Seymoure- you fought hard but just couldn’t overcome the difficulties. We were blessed to have you as a DARE foster.


Skyler Skyler, though I only had you for a little while, you came so far getting healthy and your hair back. You are a special boy who enjoyed the backyard and exploring. You fought hard throughout the night. You’re not in anymore pain. I miss you. Rest in Peace sweet little boy.


Andreas our forever foster. Run free at the bridge until your foster family arrives. You were loved and are missed!


Marcie our forever foster. Run free at the bridge until your foster family arrives.


You were my girlie girl and I still love and miss you so much. I didn’t know when I went to work that morning that I’d never see you again. You always took care of me when I had one of my migraines, or when I had a bad day. You kept us laughing trying to climb the pear tree after those blasted squirrels! They always stayed just out of reach – sneaky little buggers! My life just isn’t the same without you here. Yes, I still have Booger Bear, Darcy, Lil Girl, and now Lil Man and Emo, but I don’t have you and it hurts so much. Wait for me my girlie girl – we’ll cross that bridge together! With God, ALL things are possible!! Feb 2002 – Feb 2007

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace-forever foster. Run free and healthy little one until your Foster Mom comes to take you over the bridge.


Sometimes they come in and go away so fast that we don’t even get a photo, but will never forget the image they left on our hearts. Dweezle, a beautiful 7 year old, came to us with extensive heartworm damage, a heart murmer and a severe hernia. He was to sick for surgery for the hernia, and almost to sick to eat and drink. He was obviously a loved pet at some time, so gentle and trusting and just wanting to snuggle in a safe warm spot. His last week was full of quiet naps with his foster dad and sitting on his lap in the early morning coffee routine. Todd and Cheri will greatly miss this little one.


Mita – They didn’t give you heartworm prevention and you came to DARE too late for us to save you. Run free at the Rainbow Bridge little one. Condolences to Mita’s foster family who fought so hard for her.


Auggie – January 6th, 2008 And now Burch…you have Auggie to greet as he passes over the Rainbow Bridge. It’s sometimes harder when your loss is sudden and unexpected. But we take great comfort in you have Burch’s friendly and familiar face to greet you. (you were always the shy one and a little intimidated without Burch’s example to follow). We miss you both so much. There’s a large hole in our lives that the two of you filled so richly for many years. After Burch passed over the Rainbow Bridge, we started bringing dachshunds into your house. You welcomed each and every one, only sometimes having to remind them who the “top dog” was. You were always the honorary Doxie brother to them and they looked up to you….such a big dog…our gentle giant. Auggie, we are so blessed that we had the short time we did to say bye to you; we would have been even more heartbroken had we not. Thank you for mustering the strength to say, in your own way, goodbye to us as we held you in our arms as you passed over the Rainbow Bridge. You are together again, no more pain, playing together as you did the day I brought you home to Burch 12 years ago. Love, Peter & Sady


Burch June14th, 1989 – June 17, 2006 Burch entered our life rather serendipitously as a “Publix” puppy, one of only 2 Dalmatian/Labrador mix puppies left from a large litter. We promised that if one was left when we left the store we would adopt him. And that’s how Burch came into our lives…the last of a large litter waiting for a good home. We couldn’t conceive how we could have been more blessed. Burch was one of the smartest, most loving and intelligent dogs I’ve ever known. I’m sure he outlived all his brothers and sisters at the ripe old age of 17 plus years(boy that’s a lot of water under the bridge) for the 50+ lb dog that he was. We shared so many wonderful memories and experiences in our lives together, so many wonderful people who have loved us and who we have loved. And we cried together a few times too. “Burchie Boy”…you’ve earned your rest. You were such a loyal companion. I’m sure you are running around playing, perhaps waiting for me so we can go jogging together again like we used to do. We miss you Burch. Giving back to your memory is why we became a foster home for rescued dachshunds. Love – Peter & Sady


Jake arrived in our lives after he was found wandering the streets in Tampa . We were fortunate to be his foster family for nearly a year and a half, and we all loved him. He arrived in our home at the estimated age of “at least” 13 and became a deeply valued member of our family. Our wirehair doxie girl, Pepper, was immediately attached to him;, he was “her boyfriend” for the rest of his life. Our “Jakey Boy” died of kidney failure on May 27, 2005 but we will always consider him part of our family.


Who Knew? Who knew such a small thing could mean so much? Always could put a smile on our face. Make all our worries disappear without a trace. Who knew such a small thing could change our life? Make everything feel alright, as long as she’s by our side. Who knew such a small thing could be our best friend? Through thick and thin, no matter what she is with us until the end. Who knew such a small thing could be such a big part of our life? Even though she’s gone, She will live on. Holding a special place in our heart. And one day the tears will go away, but our memories of her are here to stay. We love you and miss you so much! Cody 10-13-92 – 11-2-06


A sweet girl dumped in a kill shelter to die-she spent her last days in loving care with a DARE foster family.



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